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Dermal fillers are ideal for women and men who want to look younger and more rejuvenated but don't want to undergo costly cosmetic surgery. Dr. Patin is skilled in the use of different types of cosmetic fillers to help her Brooklyn and Queens, NY, patients look and feel their best.

Dermal Fillers Q & A

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are substances that are injected under the skin to help fill in wrinkles, lines, acne scars and other depressions in the skin, as well as add volume to cheeks, lips and other areas that have lost natural volume due to aging. In addition to providing immediate results by adding volume, today's dermal fillers provide long-term results by stimulating the production of natural collagen to help skin look and feel firmer and more resilient over time. Many fillers also contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in skin and helps it retain moisture for a firmer, plumper appearance.

How are dermal fillers administered?

First, the treatment areas will be carefully evaluated to determine the best locations for filler administration. Areas will be determined during your consultation visit, and will be based on your own personal objectives as well as the doctor's experience in filler application. Once the treatment sites have been determined, the injection sites will be cleansed and the filler material will be injected into the area, sometimes using multiple injections sites to ensure the material is evenly distributed. In some cases, a topical anesthetic may be used to reduce discomfort. Once the treatment is complete, you may have some mild swelling or redness at the injection sites, but these effects will quickly resolve.

How long will my results last?

You will notice results as soon as any swelling resolves, and you can expect your results to last for six months or longer, depending on the type of filler used and where it is injected. Routine touch-up treatments can help your results last even longer.

Can fillers be used with Botox®?

Yes, many patients opt to have both dermal fillers and Botox® to treat multiple areas of the face for an all-over rejuvenated appearance without the need for cosmetic surgery.

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